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Welcome to West University Softball Association

WUSA is a neighborhood organization created to support and promote girls softball. WUSA offers recreational teams for girls ages 4-15 and competitive tournament teams for girls ages 7-16. Please browse through the League Information section of our site to learn more about us.


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PITCHER/CATCHER CLINICS: Important Information !!!


LAST DAY for Clinics will be Sunday, April 30th !!!

Special thanks to all the girls who have been attending the clinics this season.

Summer 2017 Tournament Team Rosters !!!

Rosters are available online.

Click here to view the page.

NOTE: Not all Age Divisions are posted yet, but will be shortly.

Fun Times: Spring 2017 Father-Daughter Dance !!!


Many thanks again to everyone who participated and assisted with the very successful and fun event. Below are the winners in the various categories.

Winners will be contacted by the Hit-a-thon Committee (Kristine Martinez and Gail Jackson) with additional information on receiving your prize or redeeming your team pizza party.

Olivia Jones - $1,345 Pixie

TOP FUNDRAISER/DIVISION - $100 Gift Card to Barcelona Sports
Olivia Jones - Pixie - $1,345
Avery Fisher AND Maya Lester – Freshman - $700
Lydia Tolbert – IMP - $945
Kate Hale – IGP - $1,240
Amira Stocks – Sophomore - $1,150
Meridian Monthy – Junior - $470

Toucans - Pixie - $1,745
Explosion - Freshman - $2,265
Bears - IMP - $1,220
Diamondbacks - IGP - $1,340
Heat - Sophomore - $1,390
Velocity - Junior - $865

Ponies - Pixie – 100%
Explosion - Freshman – 100%
Leopards AND Bears - IMP – 100%
Scorpions AND Hawks - IGP – 100%
Shock Sophomore – 100%  

RAFFLE WINNER - Alta Fit Bit - (drawn from players that reached their $75 goal, 217 girls!)
Adyson Preston - Pixie Wild Things

Here are some photos from the event ...

Important Dates

Date Event
May 5-7, 2017 League Tournaments

Photos from our Fun Parade and Carnival !!!

Spring Ball 2017 Parade: The View From Above !!!

Get on the WUSA Donor Wall

WUSA's South Campus facility is fast becoming recognized as one of the premier field complexes for softball in the Greater Houston area. As a privately owned facility, these fields can never be taken away, whether by municipal fiat, school expansion project, or commercial development. Your contribution to this capital improvements effort will benefit not only your own WUSA player but also future generations of young female athletes in our community.

Donor tiles have been installed on the WUSA Donor Wall on the front facade of the South Campus concessions building. Thank you to the businesses and families who have already contributed funds to be used in WUSA's ongoing capital improvement efforts at South Campus and our other fields and facilities!!

Thank You 2017 Sponsors!

Click on Image to See All of our 2017 Sponsors !!!

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Recent additions to the South Campus facility: concessions and restrooms building, shade structures, bleachers, a 140-spot concrete parking lot, and two new fields