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Get on the WUSA Donor Wall

The WUSA Donor Wall on the concessions building at South Campus was established to recognize those persons and families contributing to WUSA's ongoing capital campaign to make the WUSA campus at South Campus the premier girls' softball facility in the central Houston area.

Thus far, the capital campaign has enabled the construction of the concessions building, a new paved and lighted parking lot, and state-of-the-art bleachers and shade structures. Construction is now complete on two new tournament-quality softball fields at South Campus, each with stone-and-net backstops and dugouts.

WUSA's capital campaign is instrumental in allowing our league to make the following further improvements to our South Campus facility:

  • A permanent flag pole
  • Further fixtures and appliances for the concessions stand
  • A public address system for the fields
  • One or more press boxes for scorekeepers and announcers
  • Landscaping and shade trees
  • More batting cages, scoreboards, and fence screens for the new fields at South Campus (and WUSA's field at McGovern Park)
  • A developed picnic area for our players' families and siblings​

As privately owned facilities, WUSA's six fields at South Campus and McGovern Park can never be taken away, whether by municipal fiat, school expansion project, or commercial development. Your contribution to WUSA's capital improvements effort will benefit not only your own WUSA player but also future generations of young female athletes in our community. We want to recognize those contributions by putting your name on the WUSA donor wall. The wall will feature the names of donors or donor families on brick tiles in the following sizes, corresponding to the following levels of contribution:

  • 8 x 8-inch tiles for contributions of $2,500 or above
  • 4 x 8-inch tiles for contributions from $1,000 to $2,499

All contributions to the WUSA capital campaign for South Campus are fully tax deductible.

Space on the wall is limited with about one half of the tile space already spoken for. Don't be left out! For more information on the WUSA capital campaign and giving levels, contact either Tom Niermeyer ( or Brian Rose (

Recent additions to the South Campus facility: concessions and restrooms building, shade structures, bleachers, a 140-spot concrete parking lot, and two new fields

New concrete parking lot at WUSA's South Campus Facility